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Self Mechanics 101 – about the book


Introduction to Self Mechanics

Self Mechanics 101, the book I wrote with Dedi is out here on Lulu.com 
(now the second edition only).

Soon it will be available via Amazon and other big catalogs and
meanwhile I want to whet your appetite: get the introduction and the
first chapter as .pdf file – free. You can download it here on Self Mechanics web site

This book was written to present the basic concepts of spiritual,
mental, personal and energy growth, and to show you how
to start growing.

We believe that Self Mechanics, or rather the mechanics of your deep
inner authentic Self, is the first step towards your intentions and goals.

It is a belief that exploring your inner Self is a complex although
usually quite meaningful process which takes years to study and
apply successfully.

However, we would like to motivate you with this book, and
encourage you to deepen your understanding through your own
practice and other means.

Please be aware of the fact that each person has positive and
negative influences in this process, and therefore in their lives. The
challenge is to accept and overcome the negative influences, so
that we can really focus on the positive traits.

In this book, we will openly outline and advocate how to deal with
both influences, and because of that, parts of it may be difficult to

Any advice given is meant to be an aid to any person taking
responsibility for his or her own life. The ultimate decision rests with each individual.

Just for the record: that all being said, the authors and the publisher
accept no liability for any adverse effects of this book.

Sincerely yours,

Petar Vojvodić